DataPower: Testing SNMP using ManageEngine MibBrowser

Not sure if you are already aware of this tool, but it helped me a lot to prove whether DataPower was correctly configured for both SNMP Polling and Trap. The name of this tool is MibBrowser from the company ManageEngine, it is free and can be used to browse the DataPower MIB files, extract any information from the box (SNMP Polling) as well as can be used as a lightweight SNMP server to listen to the SNMP traps sent by the device. See the images below for details: 

1. SNMP Polling


2. SNMP Traps


To download it, just go to http://www.manageengine.com/products/mibbrowser-free-tool/index.html

This company seems to have some other interesting free networking tools, see the link below for the full list: 


By the way, talking about other free tools, I have been using other two that have helped me in some matters, one of them is for keys/certificates management and the other is for LDAP browsing: 

Portecle - Extracts and converts keys and certificates - http://portecle.sourceforge.net/ 
ADExplorer - Connects to a LDAP server so you can verify every single LDAP object - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb963907.aspx 

Do you guys use any other tools to help somehow performing your day to day work?

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