DataPower: Meet the new features that will be available on firmware V7.0

We are exactly one month away from the general availability of the new DataPower firmware V7.0. Although we have already mentioned the capability that will change the course of our lives forever (just kidding), the new firmware will also bring to the table many other cool features that many clients have been asking as enhancements, like the following:
  • A dedicated virtual appliance edition for developers
  • SFTP support for XG45
  • GatewayScript (JavaScript enablement in the processing policy)
  • Improved API Management
  • Network Link Aggregation for redundancy and increased throughput
  • WebSocket Proxy for low-latency communication
  • Support for Sterling Multi-Enterprise Integration Gateway (MEIG)
  • GTID or Global Transaction ID to ease troubleshooting of chained services
  • Citrix XenServer support for additional deployment flexibility

Yesterday IBM released a new slide deck detailing each of the new features. Highly recommended if you/your company have been waiting for any of these features to be available.

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