DataPower: IBM technotes are now providing GatewayScript sample code in addition to XSLT

With the recent release of the GatewayScript for the DataPower family of appliances, IBM is now writing technotes that, in addition to XSLT, also contain a sample of code for the new GatewayScript format.

An example of this, would be a technote published last week that describes how to remove the Content-Type header that DataPower automatically adds to the responses. For the XSLT example they provided the following solution:

<xsl:template match="/">
 <dp:remove-http-response-header name="Content-Type"/>

Now for the GatewayScript, the following code was provided:

var hm = require('header-metadata');

For experienced DataPower developers, the first solution seems simpler, as it requires only one line of code to perform that action (ignoring of course the opening and closing of the <xsl:template> element).

The GatewayScript solution though, may look simpler for those used to the JavaScript language, which the GatewayScript is based on.

What would have been your choice if you were assigned to solve this issue? XSLT or GatewayScript?

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